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Posted in music by charlotwebster on February 23, 2009


Tour has been really great. Thank you to every one that has come to shows!


The mixtape exchange is slowly growing.. Had some really great tapes put in the box, especially in Aberdeen. I will make one of them a feature when I get back (we’re still in Leeds the noo) but here is a tape I meant to feature before I went, but I forgot. I’ts from Sophie in Brighton. It is no longer in the box, it is in a fair Scottish lady’s hands and I didn’t get to copy down the track listings before it went, so I suppose it’s a bit silly to feature it… But it had a pretty cover.


“Here Come The Serious Quirks” February 2009.



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OK. So I am starting to get to grips with this. By the very fact that I run a TAPE exchange proves that I’m kinda slow on technology, but I’ma stick at this blog thing. Just made a page explaining the CFW Tape Exchange.. So if you want to make a tape, read that!

Thanks so much to everyone that’s made a tape or shown an interest so far.

I’m going to start picking tapes to feature, starting with one that was put in the tape box by an handsome man at a Brighton show in January. It had a shiny cat sticker on the case! I’m not into cats, but I’m into stickers so this won marks to be a feature tape. & because it’s really good. It’s left the box to someone elses hands, but I manage to sneakily make myself a copy first.

Huxley Boon No. 37 “Hard Work Works”

1. Ross Substance – Take A Fall
2. Career Suicide – Play The Part
3. Antelope – Flower
4. Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
5. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
6. No Age – Teen Creeps
7. Panoa Bear – Take Pills
8. The Beatles – Here come the sun
9. Dave House – Death + taxes
10. Kid Dynamite – Breaking a memory
11. Fugazi – Bed for the scraping
12. Broccoli – cracklesong
13. Les Savy Fav – pots+ pans
14. The Shitty Limits – Straight forward
15.Vivian Girls – I believe in nothing
16.Blitz – Razors in the night
17. Hard Skin – who’s that boy
18. Mogwai – Kids will be skeletons.

1. Slow Club – Let’s fall back in love
2.Nirvana – Son of a gun
3. Vampire Weekend – A punk
4. Circle jerks – Wasted
5. The Sonics – Do you love me?
6. Rites of Spring – Deeper than inside
7. Twofold – Breath is the weapon/rock the disjoint
8. Against me! – Joy
9.Why? – Good Friday
10. The Minutemen – tension
11. Double dagger – the psychic
12. Descendents – I’m the one
13. The Futureheads – Trying not to think about time
14. The Undertones – Get over you
15. Dartz! – once, twice, again
16. The Beastie Boys – Gratitude
17. Public Enemy – Welcome to the terrordome
18. Brutal Knights – Fake Youth
19. Fighting Shit – Girls Kick Ass

I am making a blog.

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I am making a blog and I am a bit scared that it is going to turn into another teenage angst (yes, I still seem to have) outlet rather than what my original intention was.. which is posting news on my mixtape exchange, and other such music related topics. 

Before I can start either of those.. I need to work out how to use this fucking thing. It better not be as hard as Facebook. I gave up on that.