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Posted in music by charlotwebster on February 14, 2009

OK. So I am starting to get to grips with this. By the very fact that I run a TAPE exchange proves that I’m kinda slow on technology, but I’ma stick at this blog thing. Just made a page explaining the CFW Tape Exchange.. So if you want to make a tape, read that!

Thanks so much to everyone that’s made a tape or shown an interest so far.

I’m going to start picking tapes to feature, starting with one that was put in the tape box by an handsome man at a Brighton show in January. It had a shiny cat sticker on the case! I’m not into cats, but I’m into stickers so this won marks to be a feature tape. & because it’s really good. It’s left the box to someone elses hands, but I manage to sneakily make myself a copy first.

Huxley Boon No. 37 “Hard Work Works”

1. Ross Substance – Take A Fall
2. Career Suicide – Play The Part
3. Antelope – Flower
4. Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
5. Fucked Up – David Comes To Life
6. No Age – Teen Creeps
7. Panoa Bear – Take Pills
8. The Beatles – Here come the sun
9. Dave House – Death + taxes
10. Kid Dynamite – Breaking a memory
11. Fugazi – Bed for the scraping
12. Broccoli – cracklesong
13. Les Savy Fav – pots+ pans
14. The Shitty Limits – Straight forward
15.Vivian Girls – I believe in nothing
16.Blitz – Razors in the night
17. Hard Skin – who’s that boy
18. Mogwai – Kids will be skeletons.

1. Slow Club – Let’s fall back in love
2.Nirvana – Son of a gun
3. Vampire Weekend – A punk
4. Circle jerks – Wasted
5. The Sonics – Do you love me?
6. Rites of Spring – Deeper than inside
7. Twofold – Breath is the weapon/rock the disjoint
8. Against me! – Joy
9.Why? – Good Friday
10. The Minutemen – tension
11. Double dagger – the psychic
12. Descendents – I’m the one
13. The Futureheads – Trying not to think about time
14. The Undertones – Get over you
15. Dartz! – once, twice, again
16. The Beastie Boys – Gratitude
17. Public Enemy – Welcome to the terrordome
18. Brutal Knights – Fake Youth
19. Fighting Shit – Girls Kick Ass


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