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Posted in music by charlotwebster on April 1, 2009

I have been SUPER excited at the mixtape headquarters recently. Had some really great ones pass through! I have also been making a couple of my own themed ones – one about colours – one about Aberdeen – one about my friend Kristy moving house –  and I’ve got a few in the pipeline including one about the second world war and one about boys that I think are dreamy.

Now being the massive stationery geek that I am, I lovelovelove a well packaged tape. A pretty sleeve note or drawing, doodles, handwriting really makes me smile. So when one landed on the doorstep from Dunk at Red Deer Club I nearly cried with excitement. A beautifully packaged tape with awesome songs:

(Look – I worked out show to make the images smaller so the page is easier to scroll down. You can click on them to see them enlarged)





radio intro
1. The Eels – Theme from bunking lights
2. Awesome Wells – Yellow tree
3. Quiet Village – Victoria’s Secret
4. Felt – Spectral morning
5. HMS Ginafore – Dandy and time is a killer
6. Down The Tiny Steps – Infinitea
7. Emmett Miller – The blues singer from alaban
8. The Boston Pops – Hot buttered popcorn
9. Magic Arm – Daft punk is playing at my house
10. Q Tip – Manwoman boogie
11. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – I love you creedence
12. City Centre – Summer school
13. Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Going up the country
14. Phosphorescent – I gotta get drunk


radio intro
1. Dr. Octagon – I got to tell you
2. The Pictish Trail – Secret Sound No.2
3. George Thomas & The Owls – Cakes, pastries & patisseries
4. The Great Park – Displacement song
5. Freschard – Me + depth = 2
6. Fire On Fire – Hangman
7. Paddy Steel – Bells of the horses
8. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – Das regenecho
9. Unknown – Prison song
10. Spider And The Flies – Metallurge
11. Foo Fighters – This is a call
12. Dananananakroyd – Chrome rainbow
13. They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in your soul


It also really excited me that he put radio static/ tuning between stations at the beginning of each side because it brought back memories from when I was wee and taping off the radio, and also just because it’s a great intro. sound-wise.

If I’m honest I kept this tape for myself for a couple of weeks (I know, naughty me) but it’s in the box now! So get taping and this gem could be yours..

Also a quick note to those who have made tapes for this exchange before – please always e-mail before you send one at to check it’s the same address because it does change! 

C x