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Posted in words by charlotwebster on June 13, 2009

Hellohello. I am an awful updater.

So the news is: Ive been a busy little bee driving around the country lots over the past month or so which has been lovely! I’ve been Driving my buddies in the band Peggy Sue to their shows aswell as a few of my own, and off to Glasgow again tomorrow for some more recording. It’s all been really good. But in the brief time I’ve been home I had to unpack all my possesions gradually because before I went off driving everywhere I moved house and just dumped all my boxes of stuff just in a few big piles.

It’s nice moving house and  discovering all the things you forgot you had and noticing the amount of junk you accustomed since last time you moved (which seems to be quite frequently for me).  I’m not sure how I ended up with 2 copies of the South Pacific soundtrack on vinyl when I don’t even own a copy of the film, but it’s a good’un. As I was putting all my records away noticing how many I have that I never listen to.. I thought it might be fun to make a mixtape of songs off records I have but never listen to.

But then came the bad news.. My whole sound system went to the graveyard. To be fair it is almost 30 years old so I suppose that’s about as long as CDs have been available and so that’ pretty good going. But it was the best machine, it was my dad’s and he gave it to me as a hand-me-down on my 15th birthday and I thought it was really cool having seperates of CD, vinyl, then the amp having a double tapedeck and radio in it! It really was a beautiful set of objects.. But the point is it’s dead and I had to get  new ones.. If anyone has tried to buy a double tapedeck/amp/tuner recently they will understand that it’s pretty hard to find all that in one. But I did get them as seperates and instead of a tuner a digital radio! Wow! This is going to make taping off the radio completely different.. I guess you don’t get static from a digital radio? So now I have a whole new sexy set up I’m really excited to explore it and get taping again!  

I’ve had a few REALLY good tapes through my letter box and although one of them has gone already i took some photos of it so next week I will make another feature tape on here. I know I’m bad at updating, but I will.. OK maybe give me 2 weeks, perhaps I’ll even feature 2 tapes!

Lovelove x