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I wish I was called…

Posted in music, pictures, words by charlotwebster on July 4, 2009

The kind man on the phone told me everything was ok and sent me a new laptop charger! I am briefly happy, and now me and Mac are re-united once more for blog updates galore. 

Before I get typing about tapes I wanna write before I forget.. There’s a new failed rockstar website. For those that remember failed rockstar, it’s pretty exciting.. For those that don’t, it’s now an awesome shiny new website with loads of great features and interviews with artists and it’s a really good read it’s all laid out really well making it interesting and I just think it’s super as I think most of what the Phoenix brothers come out with is. go there! Infact I think I might start writing about other peoples websites and blogs more often because that would be good and also I would remember the addresses then.

So anyway, here’s 2 tapes I’ve been meaning to feature for ages. The first it turns out I lost the bit of paper I copied down the tracklisting, but you can see a few of them in the photo. I hope you agree that this packaging is AMAZING! I nearly weed myself when this one came in the post. Is someone sending me cigarettes in the post?? No! It’s neatly labeled “for the mixtape exchange” to save confusion. It was made by Lewis Irvine in Glasgow, look at the 1st row:

The 2nd row is the other one I am featuring more properly (in that I am going to alllll the effort of typing up the tracklisting.. I know, I know, the things I do..) is from a guy called David from London I think. I had time to listen to this tape myself and I loved it. It made me pretty excited mostly because it started with Say Anything and that was such a “get hyped” start. So i got hyped. Also it’s got pretty packaging.. Kinda like dunk le chunk’s tape I featured before. I guess cardboard it in at the moment?

“I wish I was called Sebastian (that would be cool)” By David, May ’09.

1. Say Anything – Admit it
2. Regina Spektor – Your Honor
3. Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
4. Yeah yeah yeahs – Bang!
5. Operator Please – Just a song about ping pong
6. The Strokes – New York City cops
7. Ryan Adams – Shakedown on 9th street
8. PJ Harvey – Good fortune
9. Radiohead – Just
10. The Thrills – Whatever happened to Corey Haim?
11. Brand New – Fork & knife
12. City and Colour – Save your scissors
13. Nirvana – Where did you sleep last night?

1. The Flaming Lips – Race for the prize
2. Poppy and the Jezebels – The lips of Cleopatra
3. Spoon – The way we get by
4. Wilco – Jesus, etc.
5. Ben Folds Five – The luckiest
6. Iron and Wine – Such great heights
7. Bright Eyes – We are nowhere and it’s now
8. The Verve – History
9. Spiritualized – Stop your crying
10. Elbow – On a day like today