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Roses are red and pink and white and yellow

Posted in words by charlotwebster on February 14, 2011

I have nothing to say but I wanted to say HELLO.

Happy valentines day everyone. I am making lovebirds lino prints to mark the occasion. And making weepy playlists on Spotify, probably. My spotify account is charlotfuckingwebster if you wanna subscribe!



This is no new sensation, it’s a bit more of an addiction..

Posted in words by charlotwebster on February 11, 2011

Hello folks! It’s been a while. After much thinking (and also lots of forgetting I’m supposed to be thinking) I finally made a decision about how I am possibly gonna keep up with being on the INTERNET. I now not only have a Facebook, but also a Twitter, arghhh. Overload of excitement, I know. & now this blog will also show all my little goings-ons.

The poor old tape exchange has had a rocky road the past year or so as I have been moving house loads and so it’s been hard for everybody to know where to post their tapes to, I know! See “THE TAPE EXCHANGE!” section of this blog for the current address (which it will be ’til November 2011) and get your tapes to me!

Now, I done a bit of spring (winter) cleaning.. Finally got my photos from my “WILLIES” exhibition at Project Slogan that happened in August 2010. They’re up on Facebook now.

Here’s a little taster:

Why make a whole art show of rocket cocks you woulda drawn on your school exercise book? Because put a pen in someone’s hand, I betcha that’s what they’ll draw.

So I hope you tapeheads don’t mind that I now use this blog for my other ventures too, don’tcha worry, I’m still taping. xxxxx